Winchester M855 5.56 NATO Ammunition 20 Rounds FMJ 62 Grains SS109 Green Tip Loaded in Lake City Brass USA855K Brand: Winchester

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Brand: Winchester
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Get Loaded with Winchester’s M855 5.56 NATO Ammunition

Ammunition 5.56 NATO – 20 RoundsM855 Green Tip62 Grain SS109 FMJLake City BrassWinchester USA855KReliable and accurate, Winchester M855 Ammunition offers reliable performance on the range and in the field. This 5.56 NATO ammunition delivers the impact and expansion you need to stay out in front of your target no matter how far away it’s standing! For dependable, rock-solid performance from your AR-15 or other .223/5.56 NATO weapon, get Winchester M855 Ammunition today!

What Is the Basic Idea Behind the Rifle Cartridge?
The Winchester M855 5.56 NATO Ammunition 20 Rounds is a rifle cartridge that was created in response to the need for a higher velocity and longer range round than the .223 Remington. The original military specifications for the 5.56x45mm NATO round called for a 62-grain bullet with a muzzle velocity of 3,250 feet per second. The M855 cartridge meets these specifications and is one of the most popular choices for AR-15 rifles. The high velocity and relatively heavy bullet make the M855 an effective long range cartridge, while the green tip helps to increase penetration through barriers.

Why Should I Choose This Caliber?
The Winchester M855 is a great choice for those looking for a powerful and accurate round. This ammunition is designed to provide excellent penetration and stopping power, making it a great choice for self-defense or hunting applications. The FMJ 62 grain bullet is capable of penetrating even the toughest targets, while the SS109 green tip ensures reliable expansion and energy transfer. This ammunition is also reloadable for those who like to keep their options open.

What Are The Different Types of .223 Ammo?
The .223 Remington is a popular rifle cartridge that is often used for hunting, target shooting, and self-defense. There are many different types of .223 ammo, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Here are some of the most popular types of .223 ammo

How To Purchase .223 Ammo Online
You can purchase Winchester M855 5.56 NATO ammunition online from many different retailers. When looking for a retailer, make sure to find one that offers free shipping and handling on your purchase. Once you’ve found a retailer, add the Winchester M855 5.56 NATO ammunition to your cart and proceed to checkout. Enter your shipping information and choose a payment method. Review your order and submit it for processing. You should receive your ammo within a few days!

Where To Find Cheap Bulk .223 Ammo
You can find Winchester M855 5.56 NATO Ammunition 20 Rounds at most gun stores or online retailers. The going rate for a box of 20 rounds is about $25, which is on the higher end for .223 ammo. However, you can find deals on bulk .223 ammo if you shop around. Look for online retailers that sell in bulk and offer discounts for military personnel, law enforcement, and first responders. You can also find good deals on .223 ammo at gun shows and sportsman expos.

It Works with My Gun Right?
You may have seen the Winchester M855 5.56 NATO Ammunition 20 Rounds at your local gun store and wondered if it would work with your gun. The answer is maybe. The Winchester M855 is a military grade ammunition that is designed for use in AR-15 rifles. It is also known as SS109 or Green Tip ammunition. While the M855 will fit in a standard AR-15 magazine, it is not recommended for use in civilian rifles due to its high pressure levels. If you are looking for ammunition for your AR-15, consider the Winchester M855 5.56 NATO Ammunition 20 Rounds.

Cool Things To Do With .223 Ammo (AKA let your mind run wild).
The .223 Remington is a popular rifle cartridge derived from the 5.56x45mm NATO military cartridge and is commonly used in AR-15/M16 rifles. It’s also a popular choice for hunting and target shooting. Here are some ideas of things you can do with your .223 ammo:
-Practice shooting at targets to improve your accuracy.
-Use it for plinking (shooting at tin cans, bottles, etc.)
-Take it to the range and shoot at longer distances than you normally would.
-Use it for small game hunting.
-If you reload, experiment with different types of bullets and powders to see what gives you the best results.

Winchester SS109 Green Tip Penetrator

Loaded by Winchester using Lake City Brass and packed in the Winchester white box, this M855, SS109 ammunition features a 62 grain full metal jacket bullet with a lead alloy and steel core. These green tip rounds are designed for use with the AR platform.

20 Rounds per Box

Features and Specifications:
Caliber: .223/5.56 NATO
Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket
Bullet Weight: 62 Grain
Lake CIty Stamped
SS109 Green Tip Penetrator
Rounds: 20 Rounds
Muzzle velocity: 3060 fps
Muzzle energy: 1288 ft/lbs
Uses: Target, Training, Plinking or as back up for your primary defensive loads. At close-range velocities, these bullets tend to fracture at the cannelure into two or three main pieces.

Note: This is military grade ammunition. It may show discoloration which is caused by a process known as annealing. This is completely normal.

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