Glock 19 (Gen 5)

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Glock 19 (Gen 5)

5 reviews for Glock 19 (Gen 5)

  1. Chrissy villella

    Great purchase love the gun it works very well although when I first used it a B.B. got jammed but that was an easy fix. I also wish you could field strip it so you can clean and maintain it easier but sadly you cannot or at least it is very difficult too. Other than that it is very fun and realistic feels great and looks great I’m very satisfied with my purchase!!

  2. Quirrel

    I bought this gun 05/20/22, I am so happy get this. this gun trigger too tight. I have small hand, this grip is too wide, but grip is too short. Maybe G19 grip is better and comfortable.

  3. Cavirola Adam

    Realistic, feels like the real one.
    Is not a toy be careful, is powerful, very very loud, respect your neighbors. Half way blow back which makes it powerful. Somebody can easily get confused with a real one. I wont recommend this for kids, it’s powerful and this can cause serious injuries.
    Ideal for training, at certain point even good for self defense.
    Overall great gun, i feel happy with the buy.
    5 stars.

  4. John Utahdude

    Good services

  5. Kate furey

    Functionality: 10/10 Shoots good. Blowback action works. Not a single malfunction during testing. Has a rail for adding stuff like flashlights.
    Disassemblability: 10/10 The takedown lever allows you to open everything up. Good for repairs and maintenance.
    Value for money: 10/10 It is a gun that is worth more than what it costs. Glock academy best in town

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