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21 reviews for Glock 17

  1. Thomas baker

    bought this for my nephew. This gun is 100% worth the cost. He doesn’t want to put it away. The gun looks like a glock, has a good weight to it, it’s easy to load and is accurate. As any co2 powered gun, it eventually loses power as the cartridge loses its gas. It has been shot everyday since Christmas and it has only used 1 co2 cartridge.
    The only recommendation I have is that the company needs to put in the information that IT REQUIRES RWS OIL to put on the cartridge for the O rings. This was not stated anywhere in the information of this gun and would not shoot it until it’s been oiled.
    I would recommend this gun and would buy it again.

  2. jacindagoh

    I Oder the glock 17 and it came through imma be ordering agian soon .

  3. Herpsan dinverts

    Am Sheriffs Deputy and wanted something like my duty weapon to train and practice with. I have neighbors in close proximity and live rounds are not an option. Ammo restrictions and lack there of make Range time tough. This co2 pistol is identical to my Glock 34. Other than the length, the weight, cant and feel is ideal for drills. It’s accuracy is not so good after 10-12 yards but close enough to run threw a post course. I never anticipated being able to drive tacks with it. So I’m not disappointed. I do love the blow back action. If you purchase an extra mag, you can make practice more realistic in post or even combat situations. This is not a toy. It shoots 365 FPS. It will cause damage. It looks very real and could easily be mistaken for a G17 or 34. The cost is nominal. If you calculate the cost of ammunition and the fact this bb pistol is a lot more quiet than 9mm or 40; it’s a lot safer for practice in your yard; the feel and operation are nearly the same as your duty weapon, in my opinion it’s a good purchase. I have read reviews that state pistols were broken or non functional upon delivery. I suppose it’s worth the risk when purchasing anything online.

  4. TJ shivers

    I liked the product at first, it worked great for the first day. The second day the magazine kept not going all the way in, and ended up getting completely stuck. Once I managed to get it out, a tiny piece came out of the gun and now it won’t fire at all. Just stay away from the gen 3 please.

  5. Rose hersis

    After testing out the gun I changed my 5 star review to a 2 star for the following reasons. I took 1 star because the trigger is not user friendly. Before I finally figured it out I thought that the gun was defective and I get a mixture of fires and misfires with it. My main concern and why I took away 2more stars was its performance. Using a fresh co2 cartridge and quality bbs I was shooting into a water filled one liter bottle and 15 feet away and only 2 penetrated thru the bottle. Found numerous scuffs on the bottle where the bbs were hitting and bouncing off. Myself being a glock lover had high hopes for this product. Will be getting rid of it. It it won’t penetrate a plastic bottle I see no value in owning it.

  6. Leean Guzman

    Most fun plinker pistol I’ve ever used or seen; not quite as powerful as the g19 version, and definitely much more loud/realistic. In the hand it feels completely like a real glock, and shooting feels exactly like a weakend down real glock.

    You can literally field strip it just like a real Glock; even if it were just a simple replica this would be an excellent product.

  7. Lucas

    Excelente muy realista, el peso y el tamaño idendicos, y llego antes de tiempo, muy responsables los recomiendo 100%

  8. Megan standifer

    like this product and would recommend it to a friend, but with the following warnings.
    -Expect to change CO2 cartridges every four magazines
    -The last magazine on each cartridge will have double feeds and failures to fire that result in several BB’s coming out at once
    -Down-load your magazines two or three BB’s to prevent double feeds.
    -Expect cold temperatures to severely affect the gun’s performance, reducing power and resulting in all the problems described for the fourth mag per CO2, but for all magazines.
    -This BB gun will not fit in your real Glock holster – the slide is a little too big. I suspect this is a safety feature?
    -On the first mag per CO2 I can land shots on tin cans at 15 yards. Accuracy degrades with each mag after the first per CO2.
    OTHERWISE, this is a great training tool. The “recoil” is enough to help you train to shoot in rhythm with your real gun. The operation, controls, ergonomics, and take down procedure are dead on for Glocks. At about one cent per shot this is an affordable and convenient way to practice shooting fundamentals in your back yard.

  9. Cris tahislope

    The mag to this gun completely messes up over time you must use the stupid little tool with you at all times which is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of in my entire life I need a refund at once but this company thinks they have everything figured out but they will steal your money and sell you terrible guns that break the first day you have them I read the instructions and how to care for it over 6 times but still it manages to fail and be a waste of time. It’s worthless these should be handed out for free I’m so dissatisfied it’s unbelievable do not purchase this

  10. Joe feliciano

    If you’re looking for a BB gun that fills your hand EXACTLY like a Glock 17, this is the gun for you. This is probably the most anticipated Umarex replica that will be made and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s more accurate than any other BB pistol I’ve shot. It’s as accurate as my most accurate pellet pistol (Crosman 357) at my usual target at 12 yards. At 40 yards the Crosman takes a clear lead, but itś pellet and this is BB… Not exactly a fair comparison. From a rest we were able to shoot 10 shots into a 3″ group. I would say that would mirror a Glock 17 9mm or G22 40S&W’s performance. Impressive!

  11. Kimberly dawn

    At first I had trouble accessing the CO2 area. The instructions did not mention you have to slide the cover plate off before you can access CO2. Once I figured that out the rest is easy and smooth. I was very impressed with the power and blowback. The first 10 to 20 shots even have an obvious kick to them. This is NOT a toy be careful! I really like the weight and feel it is so close to a real Glock I would NEVER under any circumstance carry this in public if the police saw this, they may drop you where you stand. It is plenty capable of practice to save cost of real ammo. Overall, I feel the build is better than a lot of air pistols today. I don’t have a way to measure the FPS but it is rated at 410 I believe and it feels like that is accurate. There are a few I would not recommend but this one is great. Just don’t be stupid and carry it because it looks just like the real thing.

  12. Lion elewan

    The slide rattles when you shake it, its kind of hard to put the saftey on and off, and it goes 3/4’s of the way back instead of the full way. The trigger will go 9/10ths of the way back without any give and then the trigger pops the shot off. Gen 4 has better qualities and i would recommend you go watch reviews on both before buying. Dont regret my purchase but wish i would have waited till gen 4 too!

  13. Rock boy

    Finally, a Glock airgun replica that is so true to the actual firearm that I can use it to effectively train those who are new fire arm use. The weapon system weight, frame, blow back feature and magazine release feature are ultra-realistic to the actual Glock 17. Kuddos Umarex! You knocked it out the park with this one!!


    This little guy just about cost me my marriage! At 15-feet, it is capable of blowing through five layers of cardboard and still fully embedding into the drywall another 5-feet away! After reevaluating my backstop, it still fully embedded in a piece of 1/2″ pine. The accuracy of the pistol, by itself, was dead perfect.

    It is not identical to the real Glock 17 specs, though. It would not fit in my Roni G2 without modifications. The slide is bulkier, so it rubbed heavily on the plastic ejection port walls and would not cycle. After several layers were removed with the Dremel, it works significantly better. I still have some fine tuning to do.

    This does not give me great confidence in finding a tactical holster that fits. It is primarily for holster work at home and will work brilliantly for that, as long as I can find one that fits. I’ll post an update once I find one tha

  15. bantiles

    great deal loud enough to make anyone close think you fired a 9mm the blowbak is great to see and hear adds to the experience at close range 5 ft it will break skin no doubt making the poor person think they were about to die so be careful please and dont ever pull it in public it appears to be actual bullet shooting glock and pulling it may cause fear and panic in public or police responses undesireable to user. great for holster practice pigeon removal and rodents too beerbotttle mortality is very high as well. its a great tool useful in many ways indeed. be safe

  16. Janand Shawn

    Exceptional quality, built amazingly. Feels like an actual Glock 17 Gen 4.

  17. Mati

    Great product for target practice especially in areas where you can’t shoot with live ammunition. Also great as a gun to teach young adults how to properly handle weapons. Still need to be mindful this is a weapon and can seriously hurt you. All in all great and fun product. Highly recommended. Real feel. Only down side is it does include a safety that is blocked when attaching a light or laser.

  18. Joe feliciano

    This fully blow back pistol is a real beauty, the weight and feel like the real thing
    1st, the accuracy is really a big problem, it will shoot too low when you line up the front and rear sight to the target. Even with 5 yards, and you won’t able to shoot on the target after 10 yard unless you aim really high above the target.
    2nd, the magazine design is not user friendly, you need to have tools with you to remove the bottom cap and another tool to load CO2.
    3rd, the magazine broke down after several use, the springs inside for the BBs getting loose and become useless.

    I really like the feel of this pistol, but I hope they can fix the issues above and I will buy again. Now, I have to return it.

  19. E Johnson

    Okay so this isn’t the first umarex glock co2 pistol I’ve purchased. Before I get into everything I want to say, I am NOT an expert, I’m an 18 year old who casually collects and shoots them with friends. I also own the umarex glock 19 which I will use as a benchmark of what I expected THIS umarex glock 17 gen 3 to be. So straight out of the box, the slide didn’t even slide all the way back smoothly until I tugged on it a couple times to get it moving. I’m already annoyed with that but to make it worse, the first time I shot it, the trigger stuck but I figured it needed a break-in period. That period was 3 days. Look, I’m not expert with these things because I’m just a casual collector and I thought this would be great. I was IMMENSELY disappointed because not only did the trigger stick, but it does NOT move smoothly when I shoot it as it does compared to my umarex glock 19. The primary reason for me to purchase this air gun was because it was blowback in addition to it being actually licensed by glock. Because it’s blowback and poorly assembled, it rattles and it irks me so much because I’ve watched countless reviews of this airgun as well as the the umarex glock 17 gen 4, the gen 4 doesn’t rattle but this one, the gen 3 does. For $86 I expected a quality product. I’m left with something that doesn’t shoot smoothly because of a faulty trigger, maybe it could be rust or something preventing it from moving smoothly because the gun came in with dust on it, underneath all that hard to cut packaging which bothered me but not enough by itself. But the trigger doesn’t always fire. I am really disappointed. I spent $55 on the umarex glock 19 and it is built with such better quality than this. Granted, the glock 19 I own is NOT BLOWBACK but I don’t have any trigger issues like I do with this one. i spent a sizeable portion of my paycheck for something so subpar, I feel that I should’ve gone with the gen 4 and had I had the money I most definitely would’ve. If you’re going to buy this, avoid the gen 3 and just get the gen 4. If you watch reviews on YouTube of the gen 3, you will see that just about every one rattles because of the blowback action and sounds so tinny and cheap. Mine is no exception. As far as looks, it LOOKS amazing, I am very impressed with how it feels in hand as well as how it looks. If I was eating it on appearance, 5/5. But this is also about performance which this airgun is disappointing me with. Apparently the gen 4 doesn’t have that issue but I do not own it yet so you’re better off seeing for yourself. But from reviews I’ve read and seen the gen 4 is just so much better than this cheap tinny rattling piece.


    shes beautiful. ive bought a picatinny scope mount, a pistol scope with a laser, a flash/strobe laser attachment and 2 other lasers to add onto her

  21. Amanda

    it’s a simple blowback steel bb air soft gun that happens to look almost exactly like a real glock that’s all to it.

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