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AR-10 pistol

Welcome to! You’ve made it to our page about AR10 rifles – maybe you’re looking for AR 10s for sale or maybe for just more information. Stick around and do some brief reading on this remarkable gun. Then, if you’re ready to buy, head on over to our auction pages to find the perfect AR 10, AR 10 parts or accessories. If you’re looking to sell your AR 10 you’ll find it quick and easy to list your rifle here, you can even borrow some of the info below to help you entice buyers.The AR 10 semi-automatic rifle was designed by Eugene Stoner in the 1950s for ArmaLite, a small machine shop that created firearm designs and concepts with the intention of selling them to arms manufacturers who had the resources to produce them en masse. The AR 10 was submitted to a competition to update the United States Army’s standard issue rifles. Stoner had created an innovative straight-line barrel and stock design made from resin and forged alloy parts that resulted in a small arm more than a whole pound lighter than most infantry rifles. The AR 10’s straight-line barrel/stock design also made it easier to control in automatic fire mode.

ar-10 pistol 10.5” barrel

Unfortunately the AR 10 was not chosen by the US Army (which instead chose what would become the M14), due to the failure of the aluminum/steel composite barrel ArmaLite president, George Sullivan, had insisted on using. Though replaced with steel barrels in future, the AR 10 saw more faulty production over the next few years, leading to its rejection by other major buyers like Nicaragua. Overall, only about 10,000 AR 10 rifles were ever produced. In particular, they were overshadowed by the wild success of ArmaLite’s next design, the AR 15.
AR 10 Rifles Today
In 1995 ArmaLite was purchased by the owner of Eagle Arms and became ArmaLite Inc. Production began shortly thereafter on the AR 10B rifle series – however this rifle is based purely on the AR 15A2 and not on the AR 10’s original specs. The AR 10 may not have seen a highly successful run, but it earned its place in history as an innovative firearm design. If you’re looking for AR 10 rifles for sale, head on over to our auction pages to find the latest AR 10 listings. Or, if you’re interested in selling your own AR 10, get an idea of the market and see how others are listing these rifles. has new auctions every day, so be sure to check back for the rifles, parts and accessories you’re looking for

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